hello hello! I'm Clare.

the short: I'm a self-taught + natural light + documentary style photographer based in OKC.

the long(ish): I first picked up a camera in seventh grade & since then photography has been a constant in my life. I completely sucked at first, but the passion was there & I stuck with it & eventually figured it out (well, still figuring it out). somewhere along the way I found my niche, though I didn't realize it until pretty recently. if you look over my old photos there is a running theme... storytelling. yeah, yeah, yeah, every photographer says that. but I mean it! I've been photographing everyday in-between moments since I started. that's where the real beauty is- in the ordinary

THAT SAID (let me be completely honest here), if you are looking for a photographer who knows poses like the back of their hand, I am not the one for you! in fact, I'm horrible at posing people. but! what I am good at is following you around & capturing the ordinary beautiful. if that's what you're looking for, I think we'd make a remarkable match.

I am most inspired by God's Creation (especially the beautiful homestead He's blessed me with), old photographs, film & music. I am a 'less is more' kind of gal, especially when it comes to photography- it'll just be me & my camera. my style is vivid + dynamic, organic + honest.  

let's just hang out & take cool photos. or let me follow you around on a special day. or let's collaborate & bring your vision to life. I'm game for just about anything.

oh, it’s delightful to have ambitions. I’m so glad I have such a lot. and there never seems to be any end to them— that’s the best of it. just as soon as you attain to one ambition you see another one glittering higher up still.
— L.M Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables