the why:

I love photography for a number of reasons, but nothing beats the fact that I get to document life in all its forms. a babe's first birthday, the way the dew shines on the grass in the morning, my grandparents' 50th anniversary celebration, a couple's unique love. love + sadness + joy + beauty + pain. everything that mingles together, creating this lovely thing called life. I'm a beauty seeker. especially of the simple beauty that tends to go unnoticed. I've got a knack for capturing natural + unposed moments. I've developed this 'knack' over a couple years of documenting life on my family's farm. that's where I found my creative niche. 

I'm inspired by a multitude of things, but my number one is looking back at old family photos. there's a specific one of my Papa. an old polaroid from the 60s, taken & titled 'The Thinker' by my Momo. it's of him with his jaw resting on his hand & eyes looking off in the distance, much like the famous sculpture by Auguste Rodin (I had to google who sculpted it- I'm not going to pretend I knew that off the top of my head, heheh). this photo encapsulates exactly who Papa is, even if it was taken fifty years ago. that's what I strive for in my photos. to capture genuine moments, showing the essence of you & your loved ones.




portrait sessions

-$200 // 45 minutes // up to two outfits // 30-40 edited images.

-$250 // 90 minutes // up to three outfits // 50-60 edited images.

-digital images + printing rights included.




couples sessions

-$250 // 60-90 minutes // up to two outfits // 40-50 edited images.

-digital images + printing rights included.




lifestyle sessions

-begin at $200 // contact me so we can discuss specifics!

-digital images + printing rights included.




product photos

-$25 per product // 5 photos of each product.

-collection photos are an addition $25 // 5 collection photos.

-digital images + printing rights included.




family sessions

-$275 // 60 minutes // 40-50 edited images.

-$25 for each additional person, if more than 7 family members.

-digital images + printing rights included.